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Ethiopia: Urgent Action Appeal Update

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Harassment against the Ethiopian Teachers' Association (ETA) is continuing. On 12 and 14 November, ETA offices in Addis Ababa, in particular the offices of Mr Kassahun Kebede (Chairman of the Addis Ababa branch of the ETA) and Dr Taye Woldesmiate (ETA President), were searched by the police after the latter had requested the presence of ETA Executive members as observers and shown a Federal Initial Court Warrant. On both days, the searches lasted several hours and the police finally took away some documents, books and all the electronic equipment donated to the ETA. They then ...

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Zimbabwe: Hunger Causing Pupils to Drop Out of School

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Teachers' organisations have expressed concern over the increasing number of school children who are dropping out of school because of hunger. Some pupils are passing out during lessons because of hunger, after going for days without a proper meal.

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